Saturday, November 11, 2006

An Act of Blogger Treason

Today I committed an act of blogger treason. I deleted my 2-day old blog, including my first four posts. When I told Dan what I had done, we had a very uncomfortable moment, after which he informed me of the unwritten law that no one ever deletes a blog. I have felt a little bit sick and ashamed since then.

So, what caused me to destroy my innocent baby blog? Well, it started with my idea to create a blog called "Potato Girl in Japan" as a place to publish the journal I kept as a Rotary exchange student in Nagoya many years ago. I liked thinking of myself as Potato Girl, following my adventures around the world. "Potato Girl in Manila" would be a place to share my mission journal from The Philippines. I wanted to keep the Potato Girl theme going with "Potato Girl in Michigan" but I didn't know how to do that and still keep the content of my original blog. Instead of figuring out a way, I thought, "this blog is so new and there are only a few entries--I'll just delete it and start over." So with a quick flick of my wrist, I deleted it. Then I went upstairs to eat lunch, and I told Dan what I had done. When I found out about the unwritten law, I felt very sorry. I hope you believe me when I say: I will never delete the Potato Girl blogs. I promise.


Rachel Albrecht said...


I like your new blog title, especially since I'm a Michigan girl now in potato land. And I loved your old posts, but I'll just consider myself lucky to have read them when I did!

Rachel Albrecht

Jody Richards said...

Andrea, your “blogger treason” may just serve to save future generations of bloggers from falling into similar blunders. Maybe Dan should write an entry about blogger etiquette. I don’t have a blog, but if I did, I’m sure I’d still be totally unaware of all the unwritten rules. No one ever erases a blog--who knew?
I love your new family picture.

ronin1516 said...

Andrea - great to see the new version of your blog. For a moment, I was worried when i went looking for your previous blog, and found it missing.
Tea-guy in Michigan, aka Sid

Christine said...

I did like your entire blog about soup. In fact, I was making soup for dinner when I checked email Friday evening, so it really set the mood. Seriously, I'm not joking! I even made Dan read it. So, I'll have to forward my yummy recipe for the Potato Cheddar I just made in memory of your deleted blog, and in honor of your new potato girl address... Christine

potato girl said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comforting and supportive words about my new blog. It made me feel a lot better to read your comments.