Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weight Loss Secrets

If you have seen me recently, you may have noticed that I'm looking pretty good. That is because I've lost about 7 pounds since I got pregnant. Here are my weight loss secrets:

1. Feel Sick. If you can manage to get yourself a nice stomach virus that makes you feel sick 24 hours a day, you will be on the right path. Motion sickness could also do the trick.
2. Throw Up. Letting your food make it through the whole digestive process really contributes to weight gain. If you throw it up before it moves beyond the stomach, you've saved yourself a world of calories. If you throw up enough, you begin viewing every bite as potential vomit. This really changes the things that look good to you, and can help you loads in the weight loss department.
3. Hate Food. If you are like me when I am not pregnant, you love food. In order to lose weight, simply change this love to hate. Once food is your enemy, your struggle to lose weight will be nearly over.

See how simple it is?