Thursday, November 1, 2007

(insert catchy title here)

I got home from getting my hair cut this afternoon, and Dan was online (he stayed home from work sick today). "Are you reading my blog?" I asked excitedly. "No, I'm just using it to look at other people's blogs. There is nothing new on your blog--you haven't posted in over a month." Ouch.

When you haven't posted for awhile, thinking of the perfect post to stage your comeback gets harder and harder. Well, having given up thinking of the perfect comeback post, I have decided to just get back on the horse.

Okay, to start with, here is my husband:

I know what you're thinking. "Why does Potato Girl get to have the handsome-est husband in the world? It's not fair." You're right. It's not fair. I'm just luckier than everyone else.

Now, for a brief re-cap of the month of October. We started out October with a visit from my parents:

I had told them to come the first or second week for the best fall colors, but this year we had a freakish hot spell. The weather was in the 80s during their visit, and all of the leaves were green, green, green, except for this one tree that we saw growing in the middle of a dam on the Huron River:

We went for ice cream several times...they might as well have been here in July for all the fall weather we got.

The day mom and dad left it started feeling like fall again, so we had a fun trip to Wasem Fruit Farm for more apples. Here is Esther, enjoying her harvest:

While I was busy selecting our donuts, the Adam and Eli, with friends Theo and Jake, were debating the various merits of an assortment of gourds. In the end, they convinced me that each of them needed two gourds. They are now rotting (the gourds, not the boys), ever so slowly, in a bowl on my kitchen counter:

Stay tuned for more on the exciting month of October.


cdr said...

I thought that was a pretty good comeback post. And yup, Dan's looking pretty darn good...

LL said...

Yay!! :-) Glad you're back.

You cut your hair?! Without me???!!!!!

Potato Girl said...

dan was home sick, so i just went for it while esther was napping...nothing too drastic, just a little shorter and some layers. it's much curlier now.

marizasmom said...

Wahoo! A post! Was that picture of Dan revisiting his role as Dapper Dan Richards of Primary Hot Hits fame? Or was it merely Halloween? And the picture we really needed was of your haircut. (Although it was good to see Larry and Teresa and the kids. They all look great.)

And I also use your blog as a jumping off point to lurk in many friends' lives. You are a blog maven.

Give many hugs to those huge kids of yours. They were supposed to stop growing when I left.

Potato Girl said...

Yes, marizasmom, this is Dan doing his Primary Top Ten Countdown D.J. role on the day of the Primary Program. He did not dress up for Halloween. Since I am the family photographer, I have not yet taken a picture of my haircut...I'll actually need to recruit someone else to do that...

I certainly hope Wyatt isn't any bigger! He is also supposed to stay the same forever.

emily said...

Hey Andrea,

LOVE the pics! Esther is SO CUTE. I just love her hair...such a little girl these days.

Becky said...

I still can't stop laughing from your comment on why you get to have the handsomest husband in the world! That picture was hilarious!Brilliant post!

Rachel said...


I like how you mention that you just got your haircut while only the upper piece of Dan's photo is sticking into the frame. You had me frightened for a minute!


Nic said...

"Dan is awesome." That was the exact phrase that came out of my husband's mouth when he saw your post yesterday.
I would add: Esther is gorgeous!