Friday, July 18, 2008

My Mood, My Kitchen

I'm not depressed right now, just pregnant. That is why I haven't been posting. My mood has been especially good this week since I started making dinner and keeping the kitchen clean again. The inspiration for this was Elder Oaks' "Good Better Best" talk from October 2007 General Conference. One of the things he emphasizes is the importance of eating dinner as a family. I know how good I feel when we all sit down together to eat a meal, and it doesn't happen very often because I so rarely cook or clean the kitchen these days. I've been wanting to get back into those habits since my morning sickness has subsided, but haven't been able to. When I revisited this talk on Sunday, the thought of eating together gave me the motivation I needed to clean up and make dinner. I have kept the kitchen clean all week!


Melinda said...

Good job!

Brandice said...

I am impressed that you felt well enough to get pregnant. I would have been so scared that the change in hormones would have caused a relapse. I hope you are feeling well and that the pregnancy is going well too. And I'm glad you feel like getting up and cleaning and making the effort to have dinner together. That is inspirational to me. I went 18 months without being able to do that, and every day that I make an effort to do it now, I feel like crying just because I'm so grateful. Who ever thought I would be grateful for the ability to clean? Thank you for the encouraging note about having dinner together as a family. You are so very right.

Southern Spud said...

You go girl!!! ;)

You've inspired me to make my own depression blog. I'll email you the link when it's up. I met with my 2nd psychiatrist a couple days ago, and it was the first one I've met with in probably six years or more. Unlike the first one, she wants to get my depression treated first before figuring out my ADD. You know, I think I just might get somewhere with this this time!