Friday, September 30, 2011

The Game of Life

Our most recent training session was called "The Game of Life."  For this we were asked to wait outside until our trainer and her helpers had set up the room for the game.  We were given two rules: 1) get through the four stations and 2) start with station #1 or #2.  Before we were let back into the room, Normea gave each of us a name tag to wear with three or four capital letters on it.  She had us line up outside, changing our order, ordering some people to face the wall and not talk, telling one girl not to touch anything or anyone.  She moved some of us closer to the door of the room, and we could not enter until she gave the word.  I was one of the first to be escorted into the room.  It was set up with four different tables, and an S.O.S. staff member was behind each table.  The first table I was taken to was Employment.  I was told that because of my race, I could own a chain of ethnic restaurants.  Next I was taken to Bank to get some money.  After quite a bit of run-around, I was given five dollars and taken to Housing.  The houses cost either 2 or 3 dollars.  I bought one for 2 dollars, and was then sent to Finish and Complaints.  There I showed proof of housing (a laminated picture of my house), and was given a letter stating that I was now eligible to enter the Resort for $1 and rest.  I had completed the game.  More on the game soon.

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