Friday, July 13, 2007

The Rest of the Family

Seeing the pictures of Nathan and James in my last post made me want to introduce you to the rest of my family. As you know, I am the oldest of the five children of Larry and Teresa. Here are the Parental Units at my house in May when they came out for Eli's baptism (aren't they the cutest?):

Nathan and James, who you've met, are next. The youngest of the three boys is Mark. He is about to celebrate the first anniversary of his marriage to my wonderful sister-in-law, Kamis. Here is a picture I took of them at their wedding last summer (the cutie in the middle is Kamis' little sister):

And last, but definitely not least, my very favorite and only sister, Karen. Here is a picture that I took of her with her "super" (he loves Superman) husband, Ben, at their home in Pocatello last summer (the cutie in the middle of this picture is their ferret, Badger):

That's it for my side of the family. Stay tuned for an introduction to Dan's brothers and sisters.

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