Friday, July 20, 2007

U-Pick, I-Pick, We-Pick

I love the u-pick farms in Michigan. In June we go to Rowe's in Belleville to pick strawberries and sugar snap peas. Here is Adam this past season with my friend Heather:

And this is why I do not recommend strawberry picking with a young baby, unless said baby likes being covered in dirt and strawberry juice and eating small rocks and pieces of straw (mine does):

In July and August we go to the Dexter Blueberry Farm and pick...blueberries. There are at least two things I love about blueberries. 1) The bushes are very tall, so you do not have to bend down to get the berries; 2) The bushes do not have any thorns. Here are some of my friends at the farm yesterday:

Now that Eli and Adam are old enough to help, we picked 10 pounds of berries in about one hour! The berries are huge this year. Here we are in the little shack where we pay for the berries. Eli is hefting our harvest, and Adam is showing off one of the buckets we tied around our waist. Esther is wondering why she is not at home taking her nap yet:

In August and September we go to Makielski's in Ypsilanti to pick fall raspberries. You'll have to stay tuned for pictures of that. The last time we went, we didn't even make it out of the parking lot before we had eaten every last delicious berry. So yummy!

We finish out the u-pick season in September and October at Wasem Fruit Farm in Milan, where we pick apples and pumpkins. Here is Adam helping Aunt Leslie pick her very favorite Golden Delicious apples last fall:

Yesterday we took a little detour on our way home from blueberry picking and came across Urquhart's Tree Farm in Chelsea. When I explained to the boys that we could go there to cut down our own Christmas Tree this year...I think we've just extended our u-pick season. Stay tuned for that as well.


Melinda said...

I remember going with all of you to pick raspberries a few years ago when I was up from Indiana on a visit. If you move to DC, we'll find some great u-pick places here, ok?

Potato Girl said...

Yes, I hope we can find some u-pick places wherever we end up.

Brian, Natalie, & Kyrie said...

Looks like ya'all are having a great summer...
later from da'ville'

Happy times

Jana said...

My tummy is growling for some yummy berries. We loved Ann Arbor so much. There is always something fantastic to do as a family. I can't believe how big your kids are!

Lessie Louie said...

I wish I could have been there for berry season. I've been considering things and it's very possible I could end up in AA for library school. By which I mean Ann Arbor, not Alcoholics Anonymous.

And dude, it's time for an update.