Sunday, May 1, 2011

Going to a Wedding

I will be on a blogging break this week as our family makes its way to Boston, Massachusetts, and Newport, Rhode Island, to celebrate the marriage of my brother James to my friend Shauri. 

Tomorrow we are driving to Rochester, New York, to see Dan's cousin Kevin and his family.  Tuesday we will take the kids to see the Sacred Grove and the Hill Cumorah (Mormon church history sites) and then press on to Andover, Massachusetts, where we will spend a few hours with my dear college friend Kirsti and her family.  Late Tuesday night my parents arrive in Boston, and we will spend Wednesday doing things in the area with them.  My siblings will be trickling in Wednesday and Thursday, and about half the family, including Dan and two of the tater tots, will go to a Red Sox game in Fenway Park on Thursday afternoon.  Friday we sight see in Newport, ending the day with a dinner and screening of films made by the wedding guests and the bride and groom (mostly the bride, who is a film maker).   Saturday is the wedding in the morning and the reception in the evening, with a photo shoot on trolleys in our 1920s-era outfits in the afternoon.  Sunday we celebrate Mother's Day with a continental breakfast in the hotel and a long drive home to Michigan.  No cooking or dishes for me, woo hoo!

I hope you have a good week, and I look forward to writing more when I return.


Suzanne said...

Since you're on the road anyway, why not stop by Boise? Boise....Boston....They both start with B.

Rodriguez said...

I'm secretly hoping you overshoot Michigan and end up in Wisconsin to visit me. :-)

Sounds like a fun trip! Enjoy!!

Rodriguez said...

It has been a week. I'm just sayin'.


Hope you guys had a fun trip!

PG said...

You two are complete sweetie pies. We got home about midnight last night/ this morning. We had a great week. Will try to write soon.