Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Being Wasteful

Many years ago, when I was doing Weight Watchers, I had a group leader who loved cannoli. She would always tell us that if she were going to save up a bunch of calories to blow on a dessert, she wouldn't blow them on anything less than the perfect cannoli.  

I think I applied this principal successfully yesterday when Dan brought home two half gallons of ice cream for the family.  He brought me a bowl with some of each flavor in it.  I tried the first flavor (cherry cheesecake) and thought, as I was digging in to the second bite, "hmm...not so yummy." After the third bite it occurred to me that I was eating millions and millions of calories that weren't even that good.  So I stopped eating the less yummy flavor (!) and switched over to the other flavor (Mackinac Island fudge).  It was yummy, and I finished it.  Then I left my bowl on the counter with most of the first flavor still in it!  I just let all that "perfectly good" ice cream melt, and then this morning I washed it down the sink.  I am an ice cream bowl licker by nature, and it is unheard of for me to let ice cream "go to waste."  But as my friends Lisa and LL pointed out today, eating calories you don't need is even more wasteful than throwing those calories away.   Now that's something to think about.


ljibson said...

Great job with the ice cream. I keep telling myself not to "waist" calories. The garbage can really is a better place for food that does not help me acheive my healthy lifestyle goals. Twice today I put food in my mouth, checked myself, and spit it out. My body deserves better treatment than being filled with stuff it doesn't need. I'm now getting ready to go to bed, and feel excited that the day was a success.

Michelle and Byron said...

Way to go, Andrea. I love your healthy blog, it's totally motivating. I also loved talking to you today, also motivating!

Seth and Sharon said...

Great Blog! I'm reading a book called "Mindless Eating" and I think you would love it!

Hubers said...

I'm lovin' your healthy blog!!! I also lose weight when prego and pack it on when nursing, except this time I lost it after nursing, and gain it back. I guess I thought I was home free and could eat like a teenager. Stupid teenagers don't know how good they have it!! My sister lived with me this last summer, exercised like zero and ate 7 times what I do.
I'm totally going to do the veggies thing. I love you Andrea. I always get the best advice from you!