Friday, February 15, 2008

The Salad Rule

I have a new rule I'm trying to follow when I find myself at a fast food place.  The rule is: order a salad.  I find that when I'm faced with a menu at a place like McDonalds, I want to order the cheapest thing.  That is never a salad.  It bothers me to pay $4 something for a salad when I could get a burger for $1 something.  It seems like I'm not "getting my money's worth", whatever that means.  But I've finally decided that it is better for me to shell out the "big bucks" for the salad than to be "thrifty" and get the lard-bomb hamburger with no redeeming value to speak of (other than price).

This rule has made ordering much easier for me.  Today at Mo's, for instance, there were only two salads on the menu, so I hardly had to think at all.   Not only was my decision easier, but my meal was yummy and I didn't feel sick afterwards.  

Do you have any rules that help you when you're eating on the go?


LL said...

We always share. We each get to pick a burger/sandwich/salad or whatever, but we share one order of fries, one drink, and if we are at a dessert-y place, we all share the same dessert. It is too easy to plow through a container of fries, and I think we're all just as satisfied with a smaller serving. Cuts out the mindless eating/drinking. We also almost never order drinks - those calories add right up. Still not healthy at McD's or wherever, but we get to satisfy the craving and still keep the calories under control.

Michelle and Byron said...

I just had your same conversation about salads vs. burger in my mind the other day and realized the $2 I was spending on burger and fries would go much further toward the $4 salad. Basically, I realized the "expensive" salad was only $2 and what is $2?? WORTH IT!

.............................. said...

I thought of you this week when I was at Burger King getting dinner. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a burger. It tasted good for way less calories and fat!

Potato Girl said...

You guys are making me so proud! There is an outbreak of salad buying at fast food places across the world!