Monday, February 11, 2008

Napoleon Dynamite Boots

I thought I had my goal-setting class at the YMCA this morning.  Because my sister-in-law Jody was visiting, and because Adam wanted us to come to his school for NAAPID today, I decided that I would just have time to go to my class and then go straight to Adam's school.  So I left my swimming bag at home and went down to the Y in my regular winter footwear, a pair of black shearling Merrell boots.  When I arrived at my classroom, my teacher was in there with a big group of other people having a meeting.  I didn't know what to do.  Esther was playing happily downstairs in Child Watch, Jody was upstairs running on the track, and I didn't have my swimming stuff or any exercise clothes or shoes to wear.  I thought about my boots, and decided that if I can walk the boys to school in them on snowy days, I could walk around the track in them.  So I went up and did some fast walking for 50 minutes.  I felt sort of silly on the track in street clothes and winter boots, but more than that, I felt proud.  It seems to me that in order to fit exercise into my daily life, I have to be determined, flexible, and resourceful.  I have to make it one of my very highest priorities.  I sometimes have to be sneaky.  And today, I had to wear Napoleon Dynamite boots.

How do you fit exercise into your daily routine?  


Janie said...

Go Andrea! I bet you were sweating away up there at the YMCA with your winter gear. Don't you hate how that track is so tiny that you are always making a turn. I guess it's better than being in the -15 degree wind chill.

Potato Girl said...

Yes, I think walking on a tiny track is mind-numbingly boring, but I am at least grateful for all of the windows and natural light on that track, and sometimes there are some cute guys down below playing basketball :)

The Rackleys said...


These last few posts have really inspired me. In fact, yesterday at the Valentine party I was offered this really good looking chocolate cupcake. I hesitated for a moment, then said, "No thank you." In my mind I kept thinking about your Costco conquest. "If Andrea can do it, so can I!"

And on a side note, you made a comment last RS that I've thought a lot about all week. I wrote about it in a post titled "Saturdays are a special day." I've tried to love my kids this week, the way you said your father loved you. Surprise, surprise (I feel like an idiot!) they listened all week! No power struggled, no ignoring mom. It was amazing. Thanks for inspiring me to be better.